Md. Abdullah Saeed Khan

For The Thinkers

In the rise of the sun n’ the moon when sink,

There’re signs for those who gleefully think.

In the fall of  rain, in the growth of grain-

A glimpse of light may peep in your brain.

In the tip of the finger n’ the child when grow,

Lessons of truth we can obviously draw.

In the rivers that flow and the dweller of the sea,

Symbol of right are in hives of the bee.

In the flower that blooms and the fruits when ripe,

Tips for the thinkers are in various color type.

In the seasons that pass, in the passage of time,

Persistently we are in test n’ exam.

But, awful we people! Awful we are!

From the field of knowledge we’re so, so, far!

From the book of light we’re so, so, far!

From the orders of Allah we’re so, so, far!

We are so, so, far!

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