Md. Abdullah Saeed Khan


Have you thought once?

Why your eyes-

Looks so beautiful

And see so nice?

Why your eye lashes

Don’t grow long?

Why your skull is

Built so strong?

Why your nose has,

‘Concha’ in it?

How it tastes good,

When you eat?

Do you know that

How you smell?

How you listen to a

Definite scale?

How you see and

How you read?

How you walk n’ run in

Flawless speed?

How you speak and

How you write?

Why your body grow to

Definite height?

Why you need n eat

Food to survive?

Why these foods grow-

In trees alive?

Why your dream seems

Real to you?

Why you get asleep?

What’s your view?

How it feels when

You get pain?

Why your sleep let you

Refreshed again?

Ask your self

And deeply think.

Did you get it?

Need some hint?

It, is, Allah

Who created you.

He gave us guidance

And true right view!

He made us intelligent

So that we can

Obey His orders and

Use our brain.

To spread the word

Of Islam to All.

O Allah! Pardon us n

Help us not fall-

Under wrong hand

And wrong way!

Give us light and

Show right way!

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