Md. Abdullah Saeed Khan

Come back

A boy was thinking while sitting in a chair,

‘What am I doing?’ in the verge of despair.

He was good in study, had good behavior,

But he lost his ability and didn’t take care

Of his life.

Cause, he was in affair

With a girl with beauty and complexion fair

Who sought… only fun and didn’t have care

For him.

Lately realized, he broke off from the pair,

But it was too late for him to get prepare’

For, the exam was near and he fell in fear

‘Will he be able to properly appear?’

But is not only the life of earth we were

Talking about? What about, dear,

The hereafter? Does he really dare

To face his Lord in the day which is near?

In heating suns glare on the flat earth layer

Will he be able to stand with clear

Proof of his mischief; in the worldly affair?

So he thought, with fear, sitting in a chair.

Let go off despair, hope is still there.

Come back to truth!

Cause the destruction of universe is very very near.

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