Md. Abdullah Saeed Khan

A bottom-up approach in the search for Truth

Start from an agnostic position.

We have an in-built propensity to search for an explanation of the phenomenon that we experience around us. So, we shall naturally look for a rational explanation of the events occurring in our surrounding. In that pursuit we shall discover that the universe and the beings within are governed by certain physical and chemical laws. Also, there are certain aspect which needs further non-physical and mental explanation, e.g., intellectual activity, mathematics and information.

With the latest development in sciences the search for explanation of events will lead to –

  1. Origin of the universe
  2. Origin of biological being
  3. Origin of consciousness

One important point to note about the above phenomena is that although these are studied as isolated events, these are interlinked to each other. Now we shall discuss in short the above points.

Origin of universe

The universe is finely tuned. There are a lot of sets of parameters which were needed to be finely tuned to make this universe possible. There are broadly two alternative explanations for the origin of the universe:

  • Universe originating on its own from nothing (Multiverse)
  • Universe originated by a Supreme Non-material Existence, that is God.

Both of these explanations posit a cause which is unobservable by naturally available means. But supporters of these alternative theories have inclinations to certain philosophies. The multiverse proponents stick to materialist position and the latter proponents are Theists.

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